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Jewelry from Hawaii

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Slavador Dali authenticated

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31"x26" Ida Pellie Original painted on wood 1970s $125

Over 900+ Items


Hi Gamers,                                                JUNE  7,2021 

AND SO IT SHALL BE!   Wizards on High (or at least in Washington) have okayed in-store Play. Friday Night Magic Tournaments will be  starting at 5:00.

Modern Horizons 2 will prereleases this weekend on June 11-17. and we will have tournaments on Friday at 5PM and 3 on Saturday and 3 on Sunday (9:00Am,1:00Pm. & 5:00Pm)

We just got a shipment of "penny" sleeves, Top Loaders, 3200 count boxes, Magazine sleeves, Comic sleeves.

We have some older Microsoft Collector's Editions: World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, WARHAMMER ONLINE: Age of Reckoning, and Age of Empires III also many older D&D books and expansions.

Strixhaven: School of Mages  - Jumpstart and Time spiral Remastered are now in Stock. Get 5 Strixhaven Prerelease kits for $100 while they last.   


Several new Pokemon products  in store.               

Come in and check out our large selection of dice. (AGAIN-THANKS FOR GREAT RESPONSE TO THOSE SYNTHETIC OPAL DICE ETC)

Also now have 9-pocket pages an Shoe Storage Boxes Plus the normal 3200 count, 800ct etc. AND FINALLY TOP LOADERS.

Also have many old school TSR books and modules and many more other Roleplaying books: Rifts, Pathfinder, Exalted, Chaosium books etc.

Kaldheim Draft, set & Collector Boosters in Store + Cmdr Decks.

Sports Card fans we have listed over $60,000 of sports cards and boxes on eBay. Includes over 25 Graded cards Jordan, Kobe, LeBron  and more...

Dolls! Dolls! please click on Dolls at top of page and see a large variety of beautiful dolls.  Musical Dolls and more. Range from $5 and up!

For RV People and Boaters: Thetford Smart Tote 12 Gal waste remover on 2 wheels -NEW- $60, YAMAHA Cover 4 stroke NEW $75

Pictures Below!

​We will finish the “Magic 2020 March Madness” after we our permitted to reopen for in store tournaments. We have a Chaos Draft remaining to then establish the drawing.

We have Battle for Zendikar Gift boxes Holds 2,000 cards and comes with DIE and set of Dividers $5.00 (only a few)

Core Set 2020 and Ravnica Allegiance Booster boxes $80 cash-$83 Credit Card while they last.


Thanks for the many years you have supported our little store (which I didn’t name).


Bill & Georgia (She named it!)

Annie get your Pony is on the carousel horse 18" x 12" $25


Abigail is 16" Tall Red dress (below) $10


Crystals, earrings, magnetic bracelets (or necklace)

& more all from Hawaii

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Sports card from 1990 forward - NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL from $15 -$800

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New $60

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Cal Ripken Jr Autographed Baseball


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2007-08 UD Premier Noteworthy Michael Jordan Autograph 15/25 Beckett graded 9.0 $25,000.00

2003-04 L james 9.5.jpg

2003-04 Topps Chrome LeBron James Rookie Card #111 Beckett Graded 9.5   $8,400.00

2012-13 SP Authentic.jpg

2012-13 SP Authentic Basketball Sealed Hobby Box Kawhi Leonard Lillard RC Year\


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Looney TUNES Box $15 fun to open with Kids!

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North Carolina set of cards with Jordan $15 - our only box -Factory Sealed

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Dale + Litho signed by Artist and was on cover of Legends Magazine which goes with Litho Numbered Done the year of his death

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1850 American Litho Hand colored Wedding?  $185

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    Yugioh Fridge front.jpg
    Yugioh Fridge.jpg


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    Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 11.56.26
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    Click on Dolls for more details

    Diane the huntress 4' tall- bronze $5,250.00

    Chinese FOO DOGS Bronze 34" x 25" Heavy, $7,000.00

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    Remington authorized Bronze  reproduction of the Mountain Man 29" tall  -$1,500.00


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    We have

    Transformer Games


    92498 Cape Arago Hwy.

    Coos Bay, Oregon 97420




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