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92498 Cape Arago Hwy.

Coos Bay, Oregon 97420




Cal 1.jpg

Cal Ripken Jr Autographed Baseball


Hi Gamers & rest of the Population,                       December 4, 2023 

Now in our 33rd year!

Just brought in 2 cases of Pokemon 151Ultimate in time for Christmas.

Magic has 2 sets Planned for 2024: Ravnica REMASTERED DUE JAN 12 -Longtime fans of Ravnica will find Ravnica Remastered filled with familiar faces and cards, while new players can enjoy collecting powerful reprints as they explore the history of the plane for the first time.

Next Magic Prerelease Feb 2 is Murders at Karlov Manor.

-Dwarven Metal Dice are back in the store!!

Just added to our eBay store Patrick Mahomes Autographed Rookie jersey and some Autographed Stephen Curry items.

Magic: The Lost Caverns of Ixalan our latest set.

A good time to go to our eBay store as we added many new (OLD) items: Spiderman X-MEN, Garbage pail kids,  and more.

Check out jewelry and Doll items from Georgia.


We have 3200 count boxes (that's a lot of card sorting)and Shoe boxes (for top Loaders)


Remember we have all sizes of top Loaders for your collections: regular, 100pt, 120 pt and larger plus we have Magnetic holders for the very special cards, 100count packs of soft sleeves, 3inch D-Ring albums,  9-Pocket pages, 6-Pocket etc -Even POG pages!

Lots of Pokemon and Yugioh available

Georgia has more Jewelry. YEA!!!

More bracelets (very unique)


We have Dwarven Metal dice and a Christmas Bag of dice.GEMstone Quality Dice are back in stock!

Okie Dokie Dice sets -only 2 remain!

We have the new PLATINUM TOP LOADERS, they are of one piece construction (not glued) and suppose to be clearer (like glass). The suggested retail for 25 is $7,25 but we have them at $5.00 for the pack of 25.

Over 800 items in our eBay store including Wayne Gretzky autographed hockey stick, Peyton Manning autographed football, Older sports boxes and much more.....................


New Pokemon items including treasure chests and new Pokeball tins arrived Thursday.

We have approximately 20 Burger King Pokeballs form 1999 still factory Sealed.


Magic: Draft each Friday Night Magic Starts at 5:00

Magic: each Sunday Draft Magic Starts at 1:00

We have "penny" sleeves, Top Loaders, 3200 count boxes, Magazine sleeves, Comic sleeves & Shoe Boxes (holds top Loaders)

We have some older Microsoft Collector's Editions: World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, WARHAMMER ONLINE: Age of Reckoning, and Age of Empires III also many older D&D books and expansions.


Come in and check out our large selection of dice (including SYNTHETIC OPAL DICE ETC)

Also have many old school TSR books and modules and many more other Roleplaying books: Rifts, Pathfinder, Exalted, Chaosium books etc. Sports Card fans we have listed over $60,000 of sports cards and boxes on eBay. Includes over 25 Graded cards Jordan, Kobe, LeBron  and more...

Dolls! Dolls! please click on Dolls at top of page and see a large variety of beautiful dolls.  Musical Dolls and more. Range from $5 and up!

For RV People and Boaters: Thetford Smart Tote 12 Gal waste remover on 2 wheels -NEW- $60, YAMAHA Cover 4 stroke NEW $75

​We have Battle for Zendikar Gift boxes Holds 2,000 cards and comes with DIE and set of Dividers $3.00 (only a few)

Thanks for the many years you have supported our little store (which I didn’t name).


Bill & Georgia (She named the store!)


Crystals, earrings, magnetic bracelets (or necklace)

& more all from Hawaii

Lamps 2.jpg

19" Hurricane Lamps

4 position switch

$175 GwTW

Remington authorized Bronze  reproduction of the Mountain Man 29" tall  -$1,500.00

Dice 7-11-22 b.jpg
Dice 7-11-22 A.jpg
American Litho.jpg

American Lithograph - 1850 - Handcolored Wedding? $185.00

Diane the Huntress.jpg

Diane the huntress 4' tall- bronze $5,250.00

Dale litho.jpg
Kobe plus.jpg
Jim brown.jpg

Small Title

Small Title

Jewelry 5-2023.jpg
Jewelry 5-2023 -b.jpg
Stuff in case.jpg

Dale + Litho signed by Artist and was on cover of Legends Magazine which goes with Litho Numbered Done the year of his death

Space jam.jpg
wood painting.jpg

31"x26" Ida Pellie

Original Painted on Wood

1970's $125

Annie get your Gun.jpg
Jewelry 12-9-2020.jpg
Foo Dogs.jpg
North Carolina.jpg

North Carolina set of cards with Jordan $15 - our only box -Factory Sealed

Looney Tunes.jpg
Jewelry case.jpg

Looney TUNES Box $15 fun to open with Kids!

Smart tote box.jpg

New $60

IBattleax gone.jpg
Jewelry Hawaii 2.jpg
Yamaha Cover.jpg
Screen Shot 2019-08-22 at 4.52.20 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 11.56.26
Boardgames 1-1-2021.jpg
Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 10.13.08
1 abigail.jpg


His Junk/Her Treasures

Located on the

Cape Arago HWY

on your way

to Oregon Coast Beaches!


92498 Cape Arago HWY.

Coos Bay Oregon





Jewelry Hawaii 1.jpg
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