Celluloid, Porcelain, Cloth, Barbies & More!

Annie get your Gun $25.jpg

Annie Get your Horse

Samantha for ebay web page.jpg

Annie is 18" tall Porcelain on a carousel Horse (soft material) $25

1 abigail.jpg

Abigail 16" Porcelain head,arms, legs Fancy dress


Samantha Vintage Sllep eyes, Composition head, Rubber hands and feet. Cloth Body  $185.00 see more pics at our eBay site

Betty musical.jpg
Laura Close up.jpg


Betty is a Musical KELVIN Doll (Japan) from the 70s. Porcelain Head, hands & feet with cloth body. Key on her back winds her up to play Music. $95

Chord P.jpg

Laura is a beautiful 19" porcelain Doll with cloth body and Porcelain hands and feet. Just in time for Christmas --$45.00

Lois is a 16" Blue eyed beauty Porcelain $10.00



Jonas is 19" Porcelain (head,legs,arms) cloth body. Spiffy Corduroy Jacket that inner liner matches shirt and pants inner liner. Slight Ding on his head from a skirmish (boys will be boys! $50.00

Marybelle with dog an Ashley Belle design. Approx. 16" Lots of curly hair.  $10.00

Jill with purse.jpg

Grace has her evening bag an is ready to party. She is approx. 16" $10.00

Alice 15inches.jpg

Alice has a pretty dress with her bag.

She has porcelain head, hands, feet with cloth body. 16" $10.00


Tom is 16 " with a spiffy corduroy outfit, ready for college. $10.00

Teresa , Friend of Barbie, New in Box. Special Edition 15 Quinceanera No.11928



Reba is a real red head and ready for a summer night out. 16" Porcelain. $10.00


Three Stooges Figurines "The Three LIttle Beers" Collector's Edition (dolls) with their Golf Clubs in original Box. Figures are Approx 12" -  $45




 Sold thank you 

Gail is a Musical Doll from Heritage Mint. 17" Tall, Great outfit.  $15

LISA is 16" Bride doll. Pretty wedding dress. $12


Carol is a 16" Heritage Mint gal with her parasol.  $10.00

Helen 16" Porcelain Nice out fit $5.00


Jessie 17" Porcalain ready for summer $7.00

Ellen 17" Porcelain  stepped in a puddle, got shoes muddy $5.00

Evelyn 19" Porcelain Head, Arms & Legs Great Outfit with much detail. $20.00

Bo Peep.jpg

Barbie As Little Bo Peep Children?s Collector Series 1995 14" Tall New in Box -----$23.00----

Barbie exclusive.jpg

Exclusive BARBIE Hallmark Holiday Homecoming Collection Series NIB ($50 in 1996)--Now $25.00---


Arizona Barbie New in Box $15


1996 Graduation Barbie $15


Special Edition 1996 Happy Holidays Barbie $20


Holiday Barbie 2004 $20.00

My fair Lady Barbie as Eliza Doolittle 13" doll New in box


Karen 16.jpg

Kelly is a musical doll from Heritage Mint (1996) $15.00

Karen is a Porcelain doll at 16" tall - Nice outfit only $10.00

2004 holiday barbie etnica.jpg

2004 Holiday Barbie New in Box --$25.00

Barbie as my fair ladopenedy.jpg



Dagmar 1.jpg
dagmar bk p1.jpg
Dagmar close 2.jpg

Countess DAGMAR was the Grandmother of the Last Russian CZAR. Doll was made in 1941 by Helen Hurf. Dress took 6 weeks to make. We purchased from a doll museum in 1990.  $1200.00

Clown 1 large.jpg
Clown 1.jpg

Porcelain Head, hands & Feet

24inches Tall  $20.00

Clown Musical.jpg
Clown musical 2.jpg

PORCELAIN CLOWN 17 Inches Tall plays "here comes the Clowns" has lost a foot  $20.00

Clown 3 close.jpg
Clown 3.jpg

PORCELAIN CLOWN 17 Inches Tall Head Hands And Feet Are Porcelain Body Stuffed $20.00