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Annie Get your Horse

Annie is 18" tall Porcelain on a carousel Horse (soft material) $25

Abigail 16" Porcelain head,arms, legs Fancy dress


Samantha Vintage Sllep eyes, Composition head, Rubber hands and feet. Cloth Body  $185.00 see more pics at our eBay site


Betty is a Musical KELVIN Doll (Japan) from the 70s. Porcelain Head, hands & feet with cloth body. Key on her back winds her up to play Music. $95

Laura is a beautiful 19" porcelain Doll with cloth body and Porcelain hands and feet. Just in time for Christmas --$45.00

Lois is a 16" Blue eyed beauty Porcelain $10.00


Jonas is 19" Porcelain (head,legs,arms) cloth body. Spiffy Corduroy Jacket that inner liner matches shirt and pants inner liner. Slight Ding on his head from a skirmish (boys will be boys! $50.00

Marybelle with dog an Ashley Belle design. Approx. 16" Lots of curly hair.  $10.00

Grace has her evening bag an is ready to party. She is approx. 16" $10.00

Alice has a pretty dress with her bag.

She has porcelain head, hands, feet with cloth body. 16" $10.00

Tom is 16 " with a spiffy corduroy outfit, ready for college. $10.00

Teresa , Friend of Barbie, New in Box. Special Edition 15 Quinceanera No.11928


Reba is a real red head and ready for a summer night out. 16" Porcelain. $10.00

Three Stooges Figurines "The Three LIttle Beers" Collector's Edition (dolls) with their Golf Clubs in original Box. Figures are Approx 12" -  $45



 Sold thank you 

Gail is a Musical Doll from Heritage Mint. 17" Tall, Great outfit.  $15

LISA is 16" Bride doll. Pretty wedding dress. $12

Carol is a 16" Heritage Mint gal with her parasol.  $10.00

Helen 16" Porcelain Nice out fit $5.00

Jessie 17" Porcalain ready for summer $7.00

Ellen 17" Porcelain  stepped in a puddle, got shoes muddy $5.00

Evelyn 19" Porcelain Head, Arms & Legs Great Outfit with much detail. $20.00

Barbie As Little Bo Peep Children?s Collector Series 1995 14" Tall New in Box -----$23.00----

Exclusive BARBIE Hallmark Holiday Homecoming Collection Series NIB ($50 in 1996)--Now $25.00---

Arizona Barbie New in Box $15

1996 Graduation Barbie $15

Special Edition 1996 Happy Holidays Barbie $20

Holiday Barbie 2004 $20.00

My fair Lady Barbie as Eliza Doolittle 13" doll New in box


Kelly is a musical doll from Heritage Mint (1996) $15.00

Karen is a Porcelain doll at 16" tall - Nice outfit only $10.00

2004 Holiday Barbie New in Box --$25.00



Countess DAGMAR was the Grandmother of the Last Russian CZAR. Doll was made in 1941 by Helen Hurf. Dress took 6 weeks to make. We purchased from a doll museum in 1990.  $1200.00

Porcelain Head, hands & Feet

24inches Tall  $20.00

PORCELAIN CLOWN 17 Inches Tall plays "here comes the Clowns" has lost a foot  $20.00

PORCELAIN CLOWN 17 Inches Tall Head Hands And Feet Are Porcelain Body Stuffed $20.00

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