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Tournament Schedule

Hi Gamers,                                                     December 11, 2019  



Secret Lair: We have a very limited supply so first come first served.

Secret Lair is a Magic: The Gathering brand unlike anything in the history of the game. It's a love letter for Magic fans, with eye-popping designs and never-before-seen art styles.

Championship Round SIX Friday -Starts @ 5:30

Friday Night 8 Round Championship Playoff. 1st Place $25 Gift Certificate, 2nd $12.00 Gift Certificate and 3rd Place $6.00 Gift Certificate.  ---Just for playing regular FNM  --Details below*!!

                     SPECIAL ON PAINTS - 40% OFF ALL PAINTS


We have the following items for your Gift List:

YUGiOh/Kaiba  Refrigerator Retails $270 in our place $200, Fortuna, Transformers trading Card game, Sports Cards – Lithographs – Die cast Metal Truck Banks, Dolls, Bronzes


D&D adventure League Wednesdays


COMMANDER TOURNAMENTS are in progress everyday (primarily Fri, Sat & Sun).

In Stock - Avacyn Restored, Khans of Tarkir, & Modern Masters 2015/2017!           


Tournament Schedule


                Nov 29th, Dec 6th, 13th, 20th   Friday Night Magic starts @ 5:30 3 Boosters $11

                 November Wednesdays D&D League starts @ 1:00 Freeee 


             Standard consists of the following sets: Magic:

Guilds of Ravnica and Ravnica Allegiance & War of the Spark, Core set 2020 and Throne of Eldraine.

Try a miniMaster with a friend or---$4.00 and you receive one booster and 15 lands (3 of each color), play an Opponent and winner gets a booster. If 4 or 8 players Payoff bigger. Rebuys are $3.50.


*FNM Championship: We take your best 5 nights out of eight (so you wouldn’t have to play each Friday). We will handscore for the tournaments (besides computer scoring). This means if you lose 2-1 you will get 1 point. Points will be based on your best 3 rounds (incase it is a four round night). You still  receive the normal prize pool each Friday. It will mean more work for Charles but hopefully you will enjoy the challenge!

                    www.hisjunkhertreasures.com PHONE 541-888-5690 12:00-5:30 everyday      


            Thanks - Bill & Georgia go to eBay: